Get to know our brand

By following our brand guidelines, we reap the benefits of a strong identity. Your consistent application of brand elements are essential to our collective success. Have a look!

Brand Resources

The brand guide will help you use our brand and assets below, including our logo, without having to worry about using them incorrectly. If you are ever in doubt, just refer back to these guidelines or contact the creative services team.

Local Churches

The Brand Gude also includes tips on using The Wesleyan Church brand elements with your church logo. It’s pretty flexible, so be creative while loving and respecting our brand.

Logo Usage (Trademark Policy)

Only local churches and official Wesleyan Church ministries may use the trademarked logo to identify The Wesleyan Church work, programs and materials. It is not permitted for use by businesses or individuals for personal purposes.

The Wesleyan Church identity is a seal of hope and a promise of honesty.