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  • September 26, 2017
  • 12 Noon EST

Discipleship Webinar

Please join us as the entire Church Multiplication & Discipleship (CMAD) team shares an understanding of the discipleship prompts that can help guide you as you plan your discipleship model. Joining me will be: Anita Eastlack, Director of CMAD; Dr. Ed Love, Director of Multiplication; Santes Beatty, Director of Multiethnic Ministry; and Zach Coffin, Director of Next Gen Discipleship and Multiplication.

Tune in to hear the baseline of how we are thinking about discipleship. Hear our definition of discipleship. Share with us your thoughts. Get a preview of upcoming webinars and events.

Webinar link to watch and participate in the chat on YouTube. You can also watch the live stream on The Wesleyan Church Facebook page.  For more information, contact Stephana Bledsoe.

Kimberly Gladden
Director of Discipleship
The Wesleyan Church