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Launch Event – April 17,  11 AM Eastern

Launch Event

April 17,  11 AM Eastern

God expects the church to be carriers of His love to the world!

How can the Church accomplish this task? By all Christian’s willingness to minister, sharing God’s Word and being a bright example of Jesus wherever they are. We call this being a Marketplace Multiplier.

We encourage you to take part in this enlightening, free online event, as we supply resources to help you feel equipped to facilitate conversations helping yourself and others further integrate their faith within the workplace.

You will hear from other Marketplace Multipliers from various business industries who have experienced the blessing of integrating your faith wherever you are. These individuals will give you new inspiration and encouragement to overcome obstacles and practical steps for what to do next so you too can, “…go and make disciples of all nations.”


Join us for this Marketplace Multipliers Launch Event on April 17, 11am to Noon, Eastern.