Funding the Mission

Mike Skor and Estherlita Griffiths describe the way Wesleyans fund the mission and the changes the USF Study Team proposes (which will be voted on at General Conference, May 2022, in St. Louis.)

What is USF?

The United Stewardship Fund (USF) is the way we unite vision, networks, leaders and churches to fund the mission of The Wesleyan Church.

If you give at a Wesleyan Church, you might wonder where the funds go beyond that local church. Here’s what happens to around 10% of your giving:

Some of your giving goes to VISION, representing the USF-General Fund which supports oversight of our church’s strategic focus. Our leaders are responsible to make sure our mission and vision are being fulfilled by the broader church, of which each Wesleyan in a part.

Some of your giving goes to NETWORKS, and this USF-District Fund is used to support local church networks; this way you invest in the leadership and oversight given to support all the Wesleyan churches in your community and around it into a larger area.

Some of your giving goes to LEADERS, through the USF-Education Fund, which is used to support our training and development of Christian leaders for their work in the marketplace and also for the training of ministers.

And finally, some of the giving goes to MULTIPLICATION. This fund ensures many new churches get planted, like your own church needed to be started at one time to close the Gospel Gap.

My Experience

Pastor Pete Yoshonis shares his experience serving on the USF Study Team as they worked for 3 years to introduce a new proposal for funding the mission in The Wesleyan Church.

Helpful Resources

FAQ & Financial Info

Download answers. Dig deeper into the hard numbers and percentages that the USF Study Team proposes, including how it would be phased in over 4 years.

USF Discussion Here

Visit the “Funding the Mission” Facebook group to see the discussion so far and engage in it yourself if you like.

We encourage you to discuss the options before us in the USF Study and to ask questions you might have so they can be answered and everyone can be clear and understand this process.

Questions? Contact the USF Study Team

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