Writers' Guidelines

Wesleyan Life Magazine

Wesleyan Life is The Wesleyan Church denominational magazine and published three times annually. Submissions are not being accepted at this time.


WesLife Newsletter

WesLife is The Wesleyan Church newsletter and distributed twice monthly. Story idea submissions are being accepted at communications@wesleyan.org. To subscribe to WesLife, click here.



We are currently accepting manuscripts that elevate the voices of The Wesleyan Church and the message of holiness and hope. Please email submissions@wesleyan.org with your proposal and finished manuscript.

Our titles include the following categories:

  • Discipleship Group Study—Books that deepen your faith and offer further discussion in a group setting. Resources can include a Group Leader’s Guide and Sermon Notes found on our Shepherding Resources page. Recent titles include: Go Now and Be the Church, The Long Road Home, and Transforming Presence.
  • Deeper Devotionals—Books that help the spiritually maturing believer follow the way of transformation through substantial daily devotional readings (thematically coherent, 600–1,000 words each, and 40–60 days’ worth). Recent titles include: Real Courage, Our Walk, Holiness Revealed, and Finding Your Dream.
  • Christian Living—Books and resources that encourage readers to live authentic, Christlike lives (the practicalities of holiness; that is, loving God and loving neighbors well). Recent titles include: Every Day and Faith Made Real.
  • Spiritual Growth—Books that provide inspiration and direction to readers for deepening their personal relationship with God through the transforming work of his indwelling Spirit. Recent titles include: Surrender, Wesley Bible Studies, David, and FaultLines.
  • Social Issues—Books that challenge God’s people to participate in his work of healing and transforming communities and creation. Recent titles include: Light in the Darkness, Hope for Pastors, and Multiethnic Conversations.
  • Ministry Leadership—Books and resources that provide help and direction for pastors, staff, and lay leaders. Recent titles include: Purple Fish and Lead Like Wesley.


Devotional Writing

We are currently accepting devotional samples that elevate the voices of The Wesleyan Church and the message of holiness and hope. Please email submissions@wesleyan.org with at least three devotional samples. 

Light from the Word

Light from the Word is a daily devotional, published quarterly, with a circulation of approximately 27,000. We look for clean, tight, inspirational writing that makes minimal use of first person. Writing must lead readers to discover a biblical truth and apply that truth to their lives. Each devotion contains a title, theme verse, body text, and imperative action statement of affirmation.

Devotions are written by assignment; a typical assignment is for seven devotions of approximately 200–240 words each.