Our Passion: Jesus said, “I have come to seek and save the lost…to give them life abundantly.” (Luke 19:10, John 10:10)   John Wesley’s mandate to leaders was “You have nothing to do but save souls…”  Therefore, everything we do will be about saving souls!

 Our Mission--flowing from our Biblical and historical roots, we will fulfill the Great Commandment in the Spirit of the Great Commission, multiplying disciples, leaders, ministries and churches to glorify God. 

 Our Strategy: we will accomplish our mission by working with district leadership to equip our leaders and churches with a missional “A*C*T*N Plan”:

 Assessing our leaders to deploy them where they will best fit and flourish, our churches for missional health and effectiveness and our communities as mission fields so our churches know how to best bring the Good News to ever increasing numbers of people.

 Coaching—equipping our leaders with great coaching skills so we can empower leaders on every level of ministry, with specialization coaching for church planting, church health, evangelism and growing missional leaders.

 Training—we will equip our leaders with the skills they need to accomplish the mission in ways that are Biblical, simple, practical, reproducible, accessible, affordable and sustainable.

 Networking—we will do our ministry as a team that prays together, learns together, encourages each other, holds each other accountable and celebrates together as lives and communities are transformed by Jesus!

 Our Scorecard: Our churches will be intentional, missional and accountable.  We know we are accomplishing our mission by seeing increasing numbers of:

  • more people coming to Christ this year than last year
  • more baptisms this year than last year
  • more attendance in our ministries
  • more involvement in our communities
  • more leaders engaged in ministry
  • more churches in an intentional process of missional health
  • more new missional ministries
  • more new churches!