For the first time in The Wesleyan Church’s history, one of its North American churches is averaging over 10,000 in weekly attendance.

12Stone Church (Wesleyan) in Lawrenceville, Georgia, reported a worship attendance of 10,831 in 2011, a gain of 1,645, or 17.9 percent. Church officials report that 2,531 individuals came to know Christ and 882 were baptized in their new faith.

12SStone has three campuses in the Atlanta area: Lawrenceville, Hamilton Mill, and Flowery Branch. Pastor Kevin Myers, his wife, Marcia, and three other couples founded the church in 1987. The church is a “daughter church” of Kentwood Community Church (Wesleyan) in Kentwood, Michigan, and is nationally known for its creative celebration of the arts and compassionate ministries. In 2010, Outreach magazine named 12Stone Church the fastest growing church in America.