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Estimates show that 200 million people in the United States do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. This makes North America the third largest mission field in the world.

Given the vision of The Wesleyan Church is “transforming lives, churches, and communities through the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ,” those 200 million lives matter.

Church Multiplication and Discipleship (CMAD) of The Wesleyan Church is once again holding the annual 200 Million Reasons Offering, which is used to recruit, assess, coach, train, and network potential Wesleyan pastors, church planters, and leaders. This offering is received every April, and local churches can choose any weekend in April to receive it.

The 200 Million Reasons Offering has helped engage hundreds of Wesleyan leaders and prepare them for the North American mission field of church planting and multiplication. Events include the annual Multiplication Summit and Exponential and the Church Planters Assessment Center and Boot Camp training.

On average, the offering amount has ranged from $40,000 to $80,000 each year.

“The 200 Million Reasons Offering helps to remind us of the ‘lostness’ in our own backyards and helps generate resources to mobilize pastors, planters, and leaders to go out into the mission field of church planting and multiplication,” said Rev. Phil Struckmeyer, director of church multiplication for CMAD. “By investing in the 200 Million Reasons Offering you are investing in a strategic vision of best practices that prepare others to go out and reach those who do not have a personal relationship with God.”

For more information, including resources to help churches bring awareness to the 200 Million Reasons Offering, click here. To read stories about how the 200 Million Reasons helps resource leaders, visit Facebook.