This past weekend, about 100 Children’s Ministry leaders from across North America gathered in Columbus, OH for the Big Kids Leadership Conference. The conference was held at Cypress Wesleyan Church, where the Children’s leaders were encouraged, poured into, and given many opportunities to receive beneficial information and resourcing for their ministries. Leaders attended main sessions complete with crazy games their children’s ministries will love, breakout sessions that covered a myriad of children’s topics, and mealtimes that gave them a chance to network with other leaders.

A great children’s ministry will grow your church! Church leadership is recognizing more and more the importance of ministering to children – not just to have “childcare” but to be part of a child’s spiritual story. Today is the day to begin making a difference in the life of a child for Jesus sake. We will do whatever we need to do to let kids know that Jesus loves them and wants to be their best forever friend.

The Big Kids Leadership Conference is the first of many of its type. The next Big Kids Conference is set for October 1-3, 2015 at Cypress Wesleyan Church. More details will be available soon.