The following is a listing of Wesleyan pastors, missionaries and leaders who have passed away. These notices were received through December 26 – January 29.

Rev. V. Ruth Anderson (82) died January 13. She pastored in Indiana and served as the district director of Wesleyan Women Missionary Association.

Rev. Eldon Craig (81) died January 23. He pastored in Canada.

Rev. Nelson Crowell (92) died January 14. He pastored in New York.

Rev. Paul Gafford (89) died January 7. He pastored in Colorado, Indiana and Nebraska.

Helene Gorman (85) died December 19. She served with Wesleyan World Missions (now Global Partners) in South Africa.

Rev. Leslie Hicks (95) died January 6. He pastored in Maine in the U.S. and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Canada.

Ann Marshall (age 89) died August 21, 2019. She served with Wesleyan World Missions in the West Indies, mostly in Antigua and Barbados.

Pastor Guy Priest (81) died January 3. He pastored in Washington state.

Rev. Roy Rogers (75) died January 27. He pastored in Virginia.

Phyllis Van Cleave (81) died October 13. She served with Wesleyan World Missions in the Philippines.

Rev. Gerald Ware (72) died December 24. He pastored in Michigan.

Rev. Glen Weller (82) died January 9. He pastored in Indiana and Ohio.

Rev. Purlin Wesseling (81) died November 10. He pastored in Michigan.

Rev. Charles Winters (80) died January 28. He pastored in Mississippi.

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