A group of Kingswood University students didn’t experience a typical March break of relaxing with friends and family. Instead, as part of their Evangelism & Compassion Ministry (Praxis) program, Brett Laidlaw, Shannon Nickerson, Tony Horton, Kal Smith, Jessica Rushton, Michael Sims, Shaun Miller, and Zach Denny flew to Peru to be the hands and feet of Jesus. (Photo gallery below.)

Under the leadership of Professor Mike MacNeil, the students ministered mainly in the villages of the Huancayo area of the Andes Mountains. The team also partnered with Wesleyan National Superintendent Pastor Filipe Jordan and his church Zarate Iglesia Wesleyana Peregrina in Lima, Peru’s capital.

The team engaged in street evangelism, led church services, prayed with people, acted out various skits, played games with children, and helped pour cement for the foundation of a local church. Through all this, they witnessed 43 people come to faith in Christ.

Below are testimonies from various team members:

In Huancayo, my team and I were to perform songs, skits, and a gospel message in the city square. Before starting, a loud demonstration marched through the square. Some of our team members were late for regrouping, and all of our program lyrics were out of order. We prayed for God to take control. Our program connected deeply with the crowd. So many people came forward to accept Jesus that we ran out of Bibles. Gloría a Dios! —Tony Horton

On the Tuesday night, I had an opportunity to pray over this one lady. She asked for prayer for her kids and husband. Even through the language barrier, we both felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during this awesome time of prayer. —Zach Denny

One afternoon, we went to a park to share the gospel. While we were setting up, an old man tried to get money from us. When we didn’t give him any, he proceeded to curse us and walked off angrily. Later on, we blessed him, giving him some chocolate coins and a tasty fruit called “tuna.” He was grateful for the gifts, and that afternoon, 11 people made the decision to follow Jesus! I was reminded of the verse: “Bless those who curse you” (Luke 6:28). —Michael Sims

A crucial lesson I learned in Peru is that our mission fields are more than just mission fields. We can learn from the people there, just as much as we can help them. —Shaun Miller

I loved going up to the churches in the villages and praying with the people there. We didn’t understand each other’s languages, but we still prayed. God heard our prayers, and it was a beautiful experience. —Jessica Rushton

I felt very alive presenting the simple gospel to 200 people in the central square of Huancayo, and watching 30 0f them respond. I felt very alive seeing an 8-year-old girl open her heart to Jesus at a brand new house church in La Punta. I felt very alive when 11 more responded at a Saturday morning outreach. —Professor Mike MacNeil