General Superintendent Dr. Wayne Schmidt has announced that The Wesleyan Church has opened a Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund (WERF) for the Wesleyan Pilgrim Church of Peru, South America. Dr. Schmidt is calling upon the North American Church to stand with our Wesleyan brothers and sisters to strengthen the Wesleyan Pilgrim Church as they minister to their neighbors.

As Wesleyan National Superintendent Rev. Tadeo Jose Blas said, “What can we Christians do in these circumstances? According to Jesus, we must show our good works so that people will glorify God. … We must provide drinking water, food, clothing, medicine, and whatever is necessary to help our neighbors in their need.”

“Unfortunately, the severity of this crisis is not receiving much international focus,” said Dennis Jackson, Executive Director of Global Partners, “Help is urgently needed.”

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To help our Peruvian Church neighbors, give today.