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Then the whole assembly rose and led him off to Pilate. (Luke 23:1)

The crowd gathered for the purpose of crucifying Jesus because he was a threat to the ruling authorities. False accusations are not uncommon when people’s motivations are selfish and wrong. We must remember that a big crowd does not mean that it is the right crowd. Sometimes big crowds are because some have an agenda for their own purposes.

Jesus, however, did not have an agenda; he was not concerned about the crowd. He did not try to defend himself when he was brought before the government authorities. Jesus knew his purpose and could see that the big crowd was not the right crowd. Rather, it was a wrong crowd shouting unproven accusations who denied justice for the benefit of themselves. The frenzy of the crowd to crucify him did not make Jesus back away from his purpose. In the midst of the shouting, beatings, and finally crucifixion, Jesus was not concerned about the big crowd but the audience of One.

We, too, must learn to decipher between the noise of the crowd and the voice of the Father. When people are accusing you wrongly, do not be concerned about the crowd but, like Jesus, turn your attention to the audience of One. Finding favor in the eyes of the Father can arm you to withstand whatever wrong accusations that come from the crowd.

Resist the frenzy and turn to the Father.

Sidney D. Wheatley is passionate about imparting the Word of God and is pursuing a doctorate in transformational leadership from Wesley Seminary. He and his wife, Linda, have three adopted children.

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