Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay is the man who gains riches by unjust means. (Jer. 17:11)

THE PARTRIDGE HARDLY COMPARES to the people of today. We live in a society that bases success on accumulation of wealth and position. Recent news articles reported that a town solicitor, a fire chief, and a cadre of judges all took money or performed illegal acts to gain dollars they didn’t earn. They took from the treasury of their communities. All received jail sentences. They covered their faces as they entered and left the courthouse. They were proved to be fools for dollars and status rather than persons of character and integrity. Coworkers and friends distanced themselves from them.

I worry about our children when I hear them constantly saying, “I want that;” “Get that for me;” “It’s not fair, all my friends have it;” “But I want it.” Parenting isn’t easy, but these are character building days for all of us.

In life’s journey, we all seek status, position, and wealth. However, character and integrity keep that pursuit a healthy one. The Lord knows our hearts, desires, and thoughts. Is it time for us to reorder and reevaluate our wants and desires in life?

Ask God to help you make wise choices today.

Viola Gommer and her husband live in Dallas, Pennsylvania. Their lives are enriched through family, church, community, and supporting world missions.

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