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We have fellowship with one another. (1 John 1:7)

Have you ever had a friend who you knew, no matter the circumstance, would have your best interests at heart? You can count on such friends to give you honest opinions and feedback, call you out when needed, and help you think through the best way to approach a predicament. You know that they want you to succeed and you have their support.

That’s what many of us have found in the context of Christian community—a place to be loved, accepted, and challenged—as John envisioned when he wrote that “we have fellowship with one another” (v. 7) and “our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ” (v. 3). While it’s important to acknowledge that loving support, many people have experienced pain and even trauma in the church. That’s not what God intended when he created the church. The church is designed to be a place where people can find grace, forgiveness, love, healing, and support—true friendship.

As members of the church, it is our responsibility to help create and shape a culture and fellowship in the church where people feel loved and accepted, where they can be real and grow without fear of being minimized, criticized, judged, or condemned. It starts with each of us letting the love of God flood our hearts and overflow into the lives of others.

—Kevin R. Scott

Lean in to your faithful friend, Jesus.