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So the Lord stirred up the spirit . . . of the whole remnant of the people. (Hag. 1:14)

A company was looking to hire a high-up position, and the hiring committee wanted to see clear evidence of appropriate humility in the new hire. As a test case, they decided to ask people in lower positions how they were treated by the candidate. The administrative assistant, Kim, was responsible for driving the candidate to and from his interviews. When asked about her interactions with the candidate, she explained how he stood in the lobby near her desk waiting for his first interview and never said a word to her other than, “Where’s the bathroom?” and to ask for water. After finishing one of his interviews, the candidate was told to find Kim, to which he replied, “Who is Kim?

The candidate’s interactions with people in lower positions served as a litmus test for humility, a test that he failed. The verse above serves as a litmus test for getting our priorities straight with God. When the people got their priorities straight, putting God first and obeying him, God responded by empowering them to do the work he set before them.

Evidence of the Spirit’s power at work in our lives is a litmus test of whether we have our priorities straight. When we put God first, he will move powerfully. If we don’t, we hinder his work in our lives.

Examine the Spirit’s power in your life as evidence of your priorities.

Noah Cromer serves as a residence director on Southern Wesleyan University’s campus (SC), along with his wife, Kaitlin, and daughter, Elianna.

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