I periodically “attend” online Wesleyan church worship services, rejoicing every time at the faithfulness, passion and persistence of these faith communities. Each is unique, yet all are familiar. There is consistency in how our Wesleyan churches preach God’s love and truth, helping worshipers receive and reflect God’s character.

Earlier this fall, a colleague prompted me to attend an online service at Daybreak Community Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. My friend and ministry colleague Geoff Eckart pastors Daybreak and had been leading the congregation in a sermon series on dreams. The specific service I was directed to had two guest speakers: Will Ford and Matt Lockett.

In their 2022 sermon, “Dream Stream,” Will and Matt share a powerful testimony about the generational impact of persistent prayer, strong and healthy relationships when unlikely, and God’s unseen work revealed in God’s timing. Because it’s best for you to hear directly from them, I have gotten Geoff’s permission to share an excerpt from their sermon.

I trust this sermon and their testimonies will bless you, stretching your imagination to see and live into God’s work of reconciliation and healing humanity’s divides.

Dr. Wayne Schmidt is General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church.