God put a passion in my heart to plant a church back in 2006, but fear and the unknown prevented me from surrendering my life to plant a church for six years.

However, I finally surrendered to God’s will and spoke the words that we read in Isaiah 6:8, “Here am I. Send me!” When I told my wife, Bethany, that I had finally told the Lord that I would be willing to go wherever he led and plant a church, her response was, “It’s about time!”

With the amazing hand of God leading us through this process, he led us to the Florida District, due to their tenacity and passion for planting churches in an area with overwhelming growth. We knew this was where the Lord was calling us.

My family and I have been in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, for the past three years where Resonate Church was born. The name resonate means, “to expand the sound . . .” Resonate Church exists to expand the sound of truth, the truth of God’s Word and the truth of the gospel. For the past three years my family and I, along with others who have joined us along the way, have expanded the sound of truth by engaging in relationships with people, so that they may experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ and be equipped to expand the kingdom of God. We have seen people baptized and grow in a deeper love relationship with Jesus and have seen true transformation that has brought healing to families and relationships.

Resonate Church began in our living room and in seven months we moved to an apartment clubhouse, where a family in our church lived. It only cost us $25 per use! We outgrew that location in six months and a pastor friend of mine let me know that they had renovated their store front youth and mid-week facility that was not being used on Sunday morning. We could use it for $400 a month! This is the facility that we are presently using and it has been a blessing to grow our church at this location.

There’s a family that we connected with in our neighborhood. We tried for eight months to get them to come to our church while we were meeting in our home. They said they would come once we met in a public building. So, our first service in the apartment clubhouse I reminded them of that promise. They came that first service and have never left.

God has transformed their lives and their family. It is amazing to see their daily spiritual growth. They are sold out for Jesus and serving in our children’s and tech ministry. God has moved in their lives and they are changed.

God has provided a piece of land in the middle of our “mission field” where relationships have been made and lives are being changed in the North Tampa area.