He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, just as his father David had done. (2 Kings 18:3)

MY PARENTS ALWAYS TAUGHT me to do the right thing in God’s eyes. They led by example and by purposely applied pressure if necessary, for which I am truly grateful. I remember as a child of twelve years old, my dad was giving a very heartfelt testimony when something he said really caught my ear. As tears rolled down his face, he said, “I have prayed many times to God that if He sees in the future my kids aren’t going to make it into heaven for Him to take them now while they are young and tender.” For years and years that did not make any sense to me, but I never forgot it.

It makes sense to me now that Dad was willing to give up his children to save them if God saw in the future they would stray and be lost forever. Nevertheless, it was my parents’ responsibility to give me a biblical foundation that could sustain me through a lifetime. Likewise, Hezekiah had dutiful ancestors that taught the ways of the Lord to him. This had such an impact on Hezekiah’s life that he destroyed all the false idols and led his people by example.

God’s people are responsible for teaching others God’s message. Sometimes assertiveness is needed to show the importance of a firm foundation that does not waver to false gods or teachings.

Pass on a legacy that produces a biblical foundation for others.

Tammy Barnes Teeter is married and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She is an author, praise team director and works full time as a sales/engineering coordinator. She enjoys writing and ministering to others.

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