I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. (Ps. 77:11)

WATCHING AND WAITING for the results from tests doctors have performed can be grueling. Then we receive the confirmation, go through the treatment process, and, by God’s grace and many prayers, the miracle of healing takes place. We praise God daily for His goodness in this healing. Then, we face another watch-and-wait situation. Though the circumstances may be different, the experience is just as grueling, and we do not see the healing that we pray for. We agonize over the circumstance and question the God who we know is Healer.

The writer of this psalm was in anguish and lamented to God the reasons for his trouble. Doubts crept in. He wondered if God was still the merciful, loving, and compassionate God he once knew. The psalmist could not sleep or talk as he wondered if God had changed. But then the Spirit of God caused him to remember previous miracles and good works God had done in his life. The writer kept his focus on God and those things to bring his attention away from his sufferings and to the Holy God who still sits on the throne.

“Why can’t we see God working?” we wonder when our prayers seem to fall to the ground. His ways are holy and better than what we can see. He sees the total picture with compassion for all.

Remember the God who is healer and focus on Him. 

Carol Jimerson works as a letter carrier and enjoys gardening, canning, being a grandma, and taking photos.

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