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Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come. (Ecc. 12:1)

Thomas and his wife had always dreamt of going to Alaska. And yet, they always seemed to have a hurdle to overcome before they could go. Work required attention once or twice, another time they were building a house, and then they had the kids’ college bills. Throughout the years, Thomas’ body has slowly faltered, knees were replaced, and, most recently, surgery for a hand has meant a brace until physical therapy can begin. The dream of Alaska—continuously pushed to “later”—may now stay forever a dream.

Sadly, Thomas’ Alaskan dream, a true story, can be all too real in our spiritual lives as well. We can miss relational opportunities with Jesus Christ. There are many spiritual disciplines that would be awesome relationship-building trips and could be embraced now: prayer, Scripture reading, and regular worship. But there are also less-common destinations, such as meditation, study, and fasting.

Consider how much energy little children seem to possess. Now consider your spiritual life in the same sense. There was a time of infant energy when you knew there were ways to apply yourself to your relationship with Jesus Christ. Did you? Do not let God’s Alaskan trip evade you. Remember that you are called into relationship now. You should take the trip—not later, nor then, but now.

Choose one new spiritual discipline to begin.

Paul Zeller is an adult discipleship pastor who enjoys reading history and science-fiction—looking for theological movements in stories. He believes that faithful imagination opens doors for Jesus.

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