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God remembered Noah . . . and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters receded. (Gen. 8:1)

It may seem dramatic to say out loud, but have you ever felt like the God of the universe has forgotten you? Does it seem like you are this little speck of a person in the vast expanse of creation, far beyond the eyes and ears of God? If you have, then you have been in good company. Noah, the righteous man of God, probably felt forgotten, locked up and floating along the floodwaters for half of a year! Can you imagine being cooped up with your family, their families, and every type of animal imaginable for months, with no end in sight? My wife and daughters, like many families, spent the majority of March through July 2020 at home with one another. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we can survive being locked down with our families for an extended period.

Noah and his family had to completely rely on God, even though they could not see him or hear him for a while. They had to trust in the provisions upon the ark and to trust that eventually, God would cause the land to dry. How long have you waited for God to do something? Maybe it is a prayer that you keep hearing “wait” on, or a healing for someone you love. God hears and remembers you. Above all, remember that God is still there for you.

Seek an awareness of God’s ongoing presence in your life.

Aaron Miller is a licensed minister at Bay City Wesleyan Church of the Great Lakes District of The Wesleyan Church. He loves spending time with family and meeting new people.

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