Wesleyan Life magazine featured a story about Ellen Kujawski and Arbor Christian Academy in its summer 2017 issue. Read more about what God is doing at this school in the Dominican Republic.

After a brief closure, Arbor Christian Academy (ACA) in the Dominican Republic (the DR) has opened its doors again. A Christian school, ACA is in the city of San Francisco de Macorís and is home to 11 students, age 3 up to first grade. Thirty students, who range in ages from preschool through adult, also attend Descubre Inglés, a community English program.

Ellen Kujawski is an Indiana Wesleyan University graduate who serves as one of the school’s administrators. Kujawski serves alongside other staff from both the United States and the Dominican Republic.

The student experience is like one received at a Christian school in the United States, with comparable subjects. However, there are a few differences. A typical school day begins with singing the Dominican National Anthem, followed by saying a welcome chant in English. Students learn subjects in an English immersion setting and receive Spanish instruction from Dominican teachers.

Due to intentionally small class sizes, students receive individualized instruction throughout the day. Their day-to-day lessons all center on one important piece of Arbor Christian Academy’s curriculum.

“The best part of our regular schedule is that Christ is at the center of all we do,” said Kujawski. “Our students learn more about God every day and one student has already given his life to Christ after a very inquisitive discussion with his teacher.”

The culture of the school is family-oriented, something Kujawski and the staff have worked hard to establish. As the school continues to grow, the importance of good health and stability gives great credibility in the community. Home to approximately 250,000 residents, San Francisco de Macorís is in central DR and is surrounded by communities of rice and cocoa farmers.

The future is bright for Arbor Christian Academy, as Kujawski looks forward to the school reaching its capacity of more than 200 students in the future. ACA is the only school in San Francisco using native English speakers to teach from a Christian perspective with the English immersion model.

The name of the school is fitting as staff desire for their students “to be rooted in Christ so they can grow continually and bear fruit wherever God plants them.” Staff members hope that is apparent as they minister to students, their families and the community.

“We strive to provide an education that reaches beyond current Dominican standards and provides the foundation students need spiritually and academically to be leaders in their communities,” said Kujawski.

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