The Archdale Wesleyan Church of Archdale North Carolina sponsored a 5K Run on April 26 to support the Back Pack Pals program in Archdale under the leadership of C.O.A.T (Community Of Archdale and Trinity). The organization feeds approximately 388 children every Friday who go home from school to a “hungry environment” on weekends. The event was called “RUN 5 FEED 5”. The Back Pack Pals program is funded strictly by donations. Kimberly Reddick of the Archdale Church got a burden for this ministry that perfectly fit in with the church’s theme for the year “When you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me also”, taken from Matthew 25:40. The planning began last August and resulted in the raising of over $25,000.00 and a final registration of over 200 runners and walkers. The annual cost of this ministry is around $45,000.00. It was a powerful day. A great applause needs to be offered up to Kim Reddick and her steering committee, but also to the Archdale Church where 38 volunteers were in attendance to help out. Praise God for His guidance and help. Plans are already in the making to make this an annual event in hope of raising the entire amount of $45,000.00 in the years to come.

Children participating in Archdale Wesleyan Church's 5K