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I think it is right to refresh your memory as long as I live in the tent of this body. (2 Peter 1:13)

Even on her deathbed, my beautiful mother bore witness to the reality that her hope and strength were in the Lord. Her journey with cancer had been grueling, a dichotomy of false hope against pain, as it carried her through treatments that didn’t work and along to its final end.

And still, she smiled. And still, she encouraged, and thanked, and trusted that the Lord was with her. Her smile would light up the room each time someone new entered, and they would leave better than they had arrived, marveling at her gifts of kindness and gratitude. They saw Jesus in her.

We are called to be salt and light in this world. And we are encouraged to stay salty and to remain radiant throughout our days. But it is only by the grace of an incredibly kind God that we can do so, as our lives collide with the pain and turmoil of this world. We build our muscles to radiate God’s joy as we choose to worship him now and to pour out our thanks on those around us. Our practices of gratitude and grace in times of health and vibrancy prepare us to continue to radiate Christ in times of difficulty and pain. This was my mother’s story. May it be our story too.

Choose daily how you will consistently point to the Lord.

Elizabeth Rhyno is a wife and mom, life coach, entrepreneur, and worship pastor. She is a champion for helping people let joy loose by uncovering the purpose that God designed in them.

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