Listen to today’s devo!

If anyone is ashamed of me . . . the Son of Man will be ashamed of them. (Mark 8:38)

A family member once told me a story about another family member. I immediately wished I hadn’t heard it. In a way, I felt ashamed that this situation had happened. I felt ashamed that this person would bring this negative history to light for me, when I didn’t need to know. I wished I had never known the details.

Jesus taught his disciples and told them that if any were ashamed of him in this world, then he would be ashamed of them when he returned. What does it mean to be ashamed? A quick online search reveals the definition: “embarrassed or guilty because of one’s actions, characteristics, or associations.”

As I thought about this definition, a few questions came to my mind. How do I feel to be associated with Jesus? Are there situations where I wish I didn’t have to say I am a Christian? Do I ever feel ashamed when sharing my faith?

Jesus is going to return (9:1), and some of us may even see his return. We don’t know when it will happen. But when he comes back, will he be ashamed of me? I have the power to decide. I can choose to be ashamed, or I can choose to walk proudly with Jesus. I think I’d rather choose the second.

Determine to walk proudly with Jesus today and always.

Augustine Gidney is a Wesleyan pastor’s kid and recent graduate from Kingswood University, where she majored in counseling and children’s ministry.

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