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Then you will understand what is right and just and fair—every good path. (Prov. 2:9)

I will never forget the amount of discomfort and confusion I felt before starting my pastoral residency. I absolutely loved the church where I had worked but had this growing sense of discontent that simply would not subside. I had stopped asking for God’s direction in my life when it came to my vocation. There were other areas of my life in which I consistently asked for wisdom and discernment on how to respond to complex situations, but after nearly five years of working at the same church, it had not occurred for me to ask God if I was still where he wanted me. By not asking for His direction, I was avoiding hearing that my path was about to change.

All of us have had seasons of life in which we did not know what was coming next or how to respond to the situation in which we find ourselves. From choosing who to marry, how to parent, whether to have your elderly parent move in with you or place them in assisted living, or choosing how to vote, we are constantly faced with complex decisions.

Proverbs does not guarantee that the path God wants you to take will be easiest, it simply guarantees that you will understand which one is right. We just need to remember to ask for his direction.

Be bold and ask the tough questions; God will answer.

Sadie Kaminski received her masters of divinity from Wesley Seminary in 2020. In her free time, she loves to climb the sand dunes along Lake Michigan.

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