Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children and walk in the way of love. (Eph. 5:1–2)

Children learn best when they can follow the example of someone else. That’s why, even before they can understand and process the reasons, they are ingesting the way adults do things and assimilating those practices into their brains as the right way.

God knew that we needed a pattern to follow so we would understand how to live in relationship with him. He sent Jesus to be our example. Christ came and showed us, in human flesh, how to come to God, how to talk to God, how to pray, how to interact with others, how to forgive. If we are to grow in our Christian life, we need to follow the path he laid out.

Everything Jesus did was defined by “the way of love.” The Bible tells us that God is love. It is the essence of his character and emanates from his heart. The way to be in complete relationship with God is to love him with all our soul, body, mind, and strength and love others as we love ourselves (see Mark 12:30–31).

Everything we have looked at this week flows from a heart of love toward God and others. If he is supreme in our desire and commitment, then we will listen to his Spirit, live in obedience, and govern our actions by his example.

Be childlike in obedience. Follow Jesus and live in love.

Valorie Quesenberry is a pastor’s wife and mom who lives in Indiana and likes to recharge with coffee and time with friends.

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