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And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him. (Luke 2:40)

Look around at your life. Look at where you live, who you spend time with, and what you do with your time. Who are the people who played an important role in helping lead you to where you are? How did those people influence you?

Mary and Joseph’s obedience ensured Jesus was available to God for one of the many great moments in his life. The righteousness of Simeon made this great moment even more special through the praise he offered God and blessing he gave to Mary and Joseph. The patience of Anna provided an example of strong faith. Her courage allowed her to share what she saw with so many others. These four people came together to play an important role in this great day. Each person played their part without fully understanding everyone else’s roles. Jesus went on from this moment to gain strength, wisdom, and grace from God.

God uses people to influence each other. He often uses people we might not expect, just as Mary and Joseph would not have expected two strangers to have such an impact on them. God challenges us to obey him, stay faithful, wait patiently, and trust his purpose. We may not understand how our acts of obedience and faithfulness will influence others, yet God uses those moments to move us together toward his purposes.

Do what God is calling you to do—together.

Mike Osler is completing his MDiv at Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. Mike and his wife, Kim, live in Iowa with their four young boys.

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