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Yet because of your shameless audacity he will surely get up and give you as much as you need. (Luke 11:8)

Do you have a four-legged friend? Over time while “grand-dog” sitting, Bailey became my best buddy, from which I learned many lessons. Though so loving and amazingly patient and gentle with kids, this golden retriever could become quite bold when something was important to her or she had a need—regardless of the time of day or night!

One such time came in the wee hours of a night. I had flown into Chicago on iced runways, quickly assumed responsibility for my grandson during the birth of a granddaughter, and gotten lost as he and I tried to find the hospital without a GPS. I was exhausted from clearing snow, climbing steps, having fun with an energetic, creative toddler, and sleepless siren-filled nights. Pursuing sleep on the sofa that night, I felt a wet nose nudge my cheek followed by insistent prods on the shoulder until I finally quit pretending sleep and braved the record snow into the night for Bailey’s needs to be met.

I take heart when Jesus tells his friends to be shamelessly audacious, bold, and persistent in their prayers. As I think about something of great significance for which I have been praying for years, Jesus’ words encourage me to keep knocking and keep believing that bold petitions will bring results from a Father who desires to answer in his time according to his will!

Trade timidity for boldness in your requests to the Father.

Sue Rickman, a retired public school principal and adjunct professor, is a wife, mother, and “Mimi” to two grands. She enjoys piano, reading, biking, and scrapbooking and serves on the General Board of The Wesleyan Church and World Hope International.

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