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Love . . . burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. (Song 8:6)

My childhood summers are marked by fire. I have vivid memories of pool parties, birthdays, and random Tuesday nights in June ending around the firepit in our backyard. If we were lucky, marshmallows were involved, but most of the time we drew satisfaction simply from the sight and smell of the flames. On one of the luckier evenings, while awaiting s’mores, my brother allowed his roasting stick to drop too low, and the marshmallow perched on the end of it dropped into the fire. Without thinking, he leapt after it, saved just in time by my mom who anticipated his next move and held him back. It was then I learned: fire is strong and beautiful, but it can also be dangerous.

Throughout the book, Song of Solomon provides us with a clear picture of a loving marriage: one that is strong, passionate, and mutually beneficial. Both the maiden and her beloved understand the power and capability of their love. It is as strong as a blazing fire and should be treated as such: with care and attention. It exists to be enjoyed, but it must also be carefully watched.

In all our relationships, whether with our spouses, family, or friends, we should carry with us this understanding: Love is a flame capable of great power, but also great destruction.

Don’t forget that love is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous.

Lindsey Gorveatte is an ordained Wesleyan pastor who currently serves with her husband at The Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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