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“Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward.” (Matt. 5:12)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 5:1-12

Have you ever aced a test in school? There were a few times when I knew the test was going to be hard, so I spent extra time studying for it. I had friends drill me over the study guide, and I basically memorized my notes. I wanted to do everything I could to guarantee a good grade on the test. And after taking it, I walked out of the classroom knowing I had answered all the questions correctly. I was confident in the grade to come because I did what was required to receive it. I knew I could celebrate the grade before I experienced it because I was confident in the expected outcome.

As Jesus taught, he encouraged his listeners to remember that, even though they could not yet see their reward, it existed. They could be certain it was to come and thus rejoice and be glad in the moment, despite any circumstances and trials they may have been enduring.

It is not always easy to focus on the positive. Life can feel overwhelming at times. However, no matter what we face, we can rest assured there are better days ahead. We can trust the promises of God for a day when there will be no more weeping and sorrow. Our reward in heaven will be great if we stand firm in the will of God now.

Stand firm in God’s promises despite your circumstances.

Tara Klein is a doctoral student at Wesley Seminary (IN) who is passionate about helping people go deeper in their relationship with God.

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