“The people to whom I am sending you are obstinate and stubborn.”(Ezek. 2:4)

WE DON’T ALWAYS WANT TO HEAR what God has to say. Our desire to hear Him speak is often overshadowed by the fear that He will call us to do something we’re not willing to do. As a new Christian, I worried if I gave my life completely to God, He would send me to some faraway country to live in the jungle. I was spiritually immature, but God does call us to do hard things. We cannot stop listening for fear of what He will say.

We are His ambassadors, and He wants to use us to accomplish His will. If we don’t have conversations with Him, we can’t hear His words of exhortation or calls to action. It’s always better to hear and be afraid than to shut out the voice of God. He equips us for whatever journey He asks us to take. He will always go before us, preparing us for any battle that may lie ahead.

Yes, in this century, it’s not likely He will ask us to do battle for Him against a rebellious people, although our world is often at war. It’s the small battles of the heart He speaks to each of us about. Forgiveness, grace, charity, hospitality, and even generosity are our callings. He will speak specifics to us when we listen with willing hearts.

Ask God to speak to you about the battles in your heart.

Jan Cline is an author, speaker, and founder and director of a Christian writers’ conference in the Northwest.

© 2017 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.