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When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. (1 Peter 2:23)

Silence is golden. In most movie theaters, these are the words that flash across the screen before the movie. However, these words apply to life as well. I was known for my defense of self. If someone said something negative, I countered. If they challenged me, I defended. If they accused, I retaliated. I was constantly trying to prove myself to those around me. Remaining silent, not defending my honor, and allowing others to judge me felt like I was admitting their words were true. But I had it backwards. By speaking up, I was giving their words power. When I learned not to engage, their words lost power.

Peter reminded Christians that Christ endured the words of others without attempting to defend himself. Christ trusted God to judge him and them justly. He knew his words would not change their minds, and therefore, he chose not to spend time trying to convince them. Peter used Christ’s example to encourage Christians not to engage when attacked with words.

When you find your worth in Christ, it doesn’t matter what others say about you. You know the truth. God knows the truth. And that’s all that matters. When we attempt to prove to others who we are, we end up in conversations that lead nowhere good, fast. We can protect our peace if we’ll only remain silent.

Choose not to respond to foolishness today.

Tara Klein is a Wesley Seminary [IN] graduate who enjoys relaxing with her family, serving others, and sharing God’s unconditional love with the lost and broken-hearted.

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