Ezra opened the book [of Law]. All the people could see him because he was standing above them. (Neh. 8:5)


AS AN ACCOUNTING MANAGER in corporate America, I prepared the annual company budget. This task often required decreasing or reallocating departmental funds to meet financial goals and growth metrics. The decision on what to cut typically came from upper management not the individual managers. Thus, the meetings to reveal the changes were never easy. Department heads felt the reductions or reallocations would hinder their ability to perform effectively and therefore did not want to comply. However, my responsibility was to explain the reasons the changes were necessary and the benefits they would bring to the organization as a whole. My responsibility was to stand at the front of the room and show them effectively how to stand with me.

As Ezra stood with the Book of the Law open before the people, they also stood. And as he praised God, so did they. He presented to them what was best for the entire community, and as they listened, they understood and followed. Without individuals willing to stand out and share truth, those needing direction will suffer.

As an accountant, I shared the truth behind the numbers. And as a Christ-follower, I share the truth within God’s Word. Courage and a willingness to stand out in the crowd of opposition are necessary to effectively lead others to the freedom found only in Christ.


Find one person to boldly share God’s truth with today.


Tara Klein, a lover of words, shares her imperfect, unconventional Christian journey as a female, mother, and wife to invite others into God’s unconditional love.


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