“They trusted in him . . . and were willing to give up their lives rather than serve or worship any god except their own God.” (Dan. 3:28)

I STUDIED THE ARGENTINE TANGO IN COLLEGE. The male partner customarily leads, but my trainer insisted that I learn to follow too. This requires a tremendous amount of trust. A follower relaxes her upper body into the lead’s so she can sense his movements. If she doesn’t, she’ll move in a stilted, unattractive fashion. Yet if she misreads a cue, she might end up on the floor!

Life with God is a lot like that for me. His lead can be subtle, and sometimes I misjudge His intentions. More than once, I’ve found myself firmly face-planted on the floor, struggling with my “two left feet.” In my embarrassment, I try taking back some of the control, but it never quite works out.

In tango, a good leader assesses his partner’s skill and directs her into an appropriately challenging (but not overwhelming) pattern of maneuvers that will show off her skill without exhausting her. I have to remember that God is like that too. He knows my limitations, and His challenges are meant to grow my trust, not to showcase my weaknesses. If I let Him have control of my life, He won’t let me fall, though He might lead me out of my comfort zone.

Training myself to follow God’s lead, I find that I’m capable of things I never imagined possible, and others want to dance with Him too.

Recall a time when God helped you do something you thought impossible.

Johnathan Kana lives with his wife and two children in rural central Texas. When he’s not writing, he enjoys playing piano and composing music.

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