Rescue me from the mire. (Ps. 69:14)

SPEAKING TO YOUNG GIRLS in the red light district of Phnom Penh, Dani started out using an illustration that she knew they would identify with. She shared that during the rainy season the Mekong River in Cambodia develops deep deposits of sticky, gooey mud. If one is not careful where he is walking, he can sink waist deep in the mud. Trying to get him out is a major undertaking. The unfortunate individual is told not to struggle, for doing so causes him to sink even deeper. Instead the person is to be calm, quiet and still. The aim is for the rescuers to do the work of freeing the victim.

She then looked straight at the young girls and stated, “You may think you are stuck deep in the mud of prostitution, and you may feel there is no escaping this kind of life. However, I want you to know that Jesus Christ wants to rescue you and set you free. He has a team of rescuers who are prepared to help you once you are set free. However, you have to want to be set free. You cannot free yourself, but Jesus can do it for you. He can set you on the solid rock of freedom.” What a wonderful combination—a person who desires to be free and a God who has the power to set people free!

Thank God for setting you free from the power of sin and death.

Jim “Umf” Lo is a professor, cross-cultural leader, intercessor, and author of several books including Unholiness: Overcoming the Forces That Attack Your Soul (WPH).

© 2018 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.