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The Lord protects the unwary. (Ps. 116:6)

Expanded Passage: Psalm 116:6-8

Because of the violent and dangerous world in which we live, we have become highly security conscious. It is reasonable for us to be aware of our surroundings and alert to danger. The sheriffs in the counties surrounding my home recently appeared on TV and encouraged us all to buy guns. “We are unable to protect everyone anymore,” they said.

After a service at our church, a lady asked me if I packed a gun when I was up front speaking. She said I was in the best position to see what was going on out in the congregation, and if someone came in to do harm, I could shoot them.

The psalmist said that the Lord protects us, and I am confident he does. I have no question that the Lord has protected me from harm when I have been unaware of nearby dangers. Whether he assigns a guardian angel or not, I cannot say. But there have been times when, after the fact, I have recognized his providential care and protection though I’d been unaware I was in danger.

If I had to make a choice between arming myself with a gun as my only means of protection and the Lord for my protection, I would choose him. I trust the Lord more than I trust my aim.

Amid this climate of hostility, trust the Lord to defend you.

Ken Heer was an ordained minister with The Wesleyan Church prior to his death. He served as a pastor, educator, and church leader for more than fifty years.

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