They think it strange that you do not plunge with them into the same flood of dissipation. (1 Pet. 4:4)

IT IS AMAZING to see thousands of birds gracefully swooping and swaying in a massive display of choreographed flight, as if controlled by a single mind. An old saying suggests, “Birds of a feather flock together.” What is true for birds is pretty much true for people too. Those of similar character and behavior often stick together. That’s why we are concerned with the kinds of friends our kids choose. If you hang out with the wrong people, chances are you will get involved in the wrong kind of activity. The crowd has a way of pulling you in and choreographing your behavior to match theirs. It is sometimes difficult to get free from the flock and fly on your own.

When you begin hanging out with Jesus, you begin to hang out with His people. The old crowd may have difficulty understanding why you no longer do the things they do. They will try to draw you back in and keep you living as they live. It is a wonderful thing to be true to your new life in Christ and fly free with others who love Him and are done with reckless living. Choose your “flock” carefully, and let the Master choreograph your flight.

Name one person you should be spending more time with.

Ken Heer was a pastor, community director, and author (A Good Start and Ancient Fire). He passed away prior to this publication.