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CMAD Webinar: Missional Discipleship

Let’s talk about how discipleship, mission, and community connect. Join us for a live webinar with Pastor Matt LeRoy of Love Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, NC.

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CMAD Webinar: Lifelong Discipleship

What does it look like to have lifelong discipleship? Join us here on Facebook Live as we talk about it with Megan Cusumano, Assistant Pastor at North Park Wesleyan Church and Eric Mills, National Pastoral Director of Orphan Sunday & Stand Sunday.

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Becoming less

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can make things about us instead of about Jesus?

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"Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart ." — John Wesley

Thrive In 5: Relational

  What is a secret to strong relationships? In his book “The Relationship Cure,” relational researcher, John Gottman, suggests that we should be on the lookout for “bids for connection” and turn toward these bids whenever we can. What is a bid for connection? A bid...

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She said, he said: handing the mic to pastors’ spouses

While pastors’ spouses are as much in the spotlight as their partners, they’re less often handed a live microphone and an empty stage. We wanted to find out what pastor’s spouses – both pastors’ husbands and pastors’ wives – had to say about life in

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Banding together your disciple makers

Banding Together was birthed out of a local church experience and has seen excellent results. Starting with just 20 leaders at Trinity Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, this program now has nearly 300 adults taking part in discipleship groups

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CMAD Webinar: Community Discipleship

We’re excited to speak with Noel Castellanos, President of CCDA – Christian Community Development Association! Join the conversation as we explore what it means to live the life of a disciple in your community.

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