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Houghton College Spotlight: Proud to be a Wesleyan

Dr. Michael Jordan was not raised in The Wesleyan Church, but now considers himself a “proud Wesleyan convert.” As Dean of the Chapel and Chair of the Religion Department at Houghton College, his desire is to be a positive representative of the Church for his...

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First street smarts, then book knowledge: PK Hope Guptill

Hope Guptill is in her fourth year at Kingswood University, but that’s not where she learned the most about ministry. As a pastor’s kid, Guptill has experienced the joys—and the heavy burdens—of leading the Church, motivating her to commit to supporting those in...

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Assured purpose: Katie Betts 

Most of us would love nothing more than for life to move in a straight line on the map -- no speed bumps, sharp turns or second-guessing. But Katie Betts could tell you that our journeys don’t always traverse the path so straightforwardly. A talented musician, Betts...

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Are you an enthusiast?

What makes you an enthusiast like John and Charles Wesley? “Bearing up under challenges, staying rooted in God’s Word, having a close group of friends, ministering to the needs of the unfortunate and a vibrant prayer life” states Bob Whitesel, D. Min, Ph.D., author...

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“Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart.” — John Wesley

How I overcame perfectionism

The pursuit of perfection leads to paralysis, but seeking progress leads to purpose. Consciously decide to value your progress over perfection. Focusing on excellence is healthy; pursuing perfection is not.

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Duck, duck, joy! 

When I have faced life’s hardships, joy is not at the top of my list of places to turn for strength. In fact, it’s quite often lost somewhere at the bottom. But I have been challenged to look at the role that joy plays in my life.

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When tank fish meets ocean: Tatyana Russell-Chipp

In her third year at Kingswood University, Tatyana Russell-Chipp has learned social holiness, and the call to become a servant first. “Like taking a fish out of the tank and putting it in the ocean” After being adopted from Birobidzhan, Russia as an infant, Tatyana...

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