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Come fill me again

I know spending time with God, friends and family, and writing fill me up. I know I have sacrificed what is fueling for what is immediate and/or acceptable.

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Thrive in 5: Relational Attunement

Neuroscientists affirm that we are “wired for connection” from birth. Infant brains develop best when caretakers are in sync—attuned—with babies’ physical, emotional, and relational needs. Obviously, no caretaker is in sync 100 percent of the time; caregivers provide...

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“Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart.” — John Wesley

Asbury Graduate Spotlight: Seeds of Holiness

Light energy, water, chloroplasts, and time – these are the inner workings of cells that cause most plant life to grow,  from the grass in North American backyards to the amazing rainforests of the Amazon. So, too, are there inner workings of a call to ministry; a...

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Thrive In 5: Emotional

  How do you feel about the person you are with when you are all alone? This is when your capacity for self-loathing or self-liking reveals itself. The odds are good that you may experience either attitude about your “self” at one time or another. As a pastor, how you...

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God knows what he’s doing: Abby Powell

Abby Powell realized she wasn’t the typical Oklahoma Wesleyan student one day in an intercultural studies class, when asked to fill out a 10-question quiz about emotional “baggage” she carried. Each question answered “yes” indicated some wound or negative experience...

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Dr. Marcus Dean: No ivory tower

Whether in an office at Houghton College or a board room at Fillmore Wesleyan Church, Dr. Marcus Dean lives a life in service to the local church. Dr. Marcus Dean’s life has been spent in two worlds that don’t always play nicely with one another – the academy and the...

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