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  As Wesleyan pastors, we all know the scriptural truth that loving God and loving others is the central hallmark of the Christian spiritual life. But do we truly embrace this as the ultimate outcome of what it means to be Spirit-filled? As David Benner states, “If...

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“Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart.” — John Wesley

Resurrection relationships

Are you or is someone you know hopeless, ashamed, grieving or doubtful? Jesus brings resurrection relationship to those struggles and whatever else we experience that tears down relationships.

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Wherever he leads: Caleb MacCullum

“I like to say God brought me to Kingswood ‘kicking and screaming,’” MacCullum said. It was never Caleb MacCullum’s intent to attend Kingswood University, but when God opened the opportunity for his attendance, MacCullum decided to enroll. He had marked Kingswood off...

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When challenging circumstances surface, I’m learning that Jesus wants me to “freeze” in him rather than trying to escape by running away.

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What is a true Wesleyan?

A representative system was devised by the Wesleyan Methodist Connection to answer the question, “What is a True Wesleyan?”

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