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Rebooting values

People sometimes complain about a lack of original ideas in entertainment. Many movies are sequels or unnecessary remakes. However, when I find my own generation’s television shows being rebooted, and done well, I do a bit of binge-watching on Netflix.I knew one day I...

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Discipleship and Church Plants

What does it look like to do discipleship in a church plant where everyone is new? Let’s talk about it in this month’s webinar with Pastors Robert & Arlynn Ellis of CrossRoads Church and Pastor Andre Winters of The Corner Wesleyan Church.

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"Let your words be the genuine picture of your heart ." — John Wesley

Guided deconstruction

The cultural shifts are not stopping, or slowing down, but we can guide the deconstruction and the reconstruction of Christianity in the west.

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Maintaining a holy life

Today’s atmosphere is not ideal for producing a holy life — in fact, the atmosphere has never been ideal.

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Daily snapshot

What would someone catch you doing if they were to sneak a picture of you during your day? Would your actions and words reflect the love and hope you find in Christ?

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