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. . . and brought Israel out from among them. (Ps. 136:11)

In the 1980s and 90s, war in Sudan left thousands of young boys orphaned and homeless. Some of these young men later came to the United States as refugees. At first, many of them were excited for the opportunities to work, to go to school, or to start a new life. But they still faced the challenges of grieving the loss of their families and homelands, becoming adults without the guidance of their parents, adjusting to a different culture, and navigating the legal processes of establishing a life in a foreign nation. On a smaller scale, nearly every transition in our lives carries both positive aspects and struggles.

God brought the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, but it was not the immediate happy ending they thought it would be. He brought them out of suffering, trouble, and slavery. He brought them into a new situation that also had hardship, trouble, and struggle. The transition was a blessing, but it was not easy.

Sometimes God brings us out, but even after we prayed for change, we may miss the past. A relocation or a reassignment may feel like the world is turning upside down, but it is only a step in the journey towards God's final goal for our lives. God is always planning something, and his ultimate plan for us is heaven. Nothing else is our final resting place.

Consider how your current situations are merely steps toward your ultimate destination.

Debbie Shaw is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University and resides in North Carolina with her husband, Lee. She enjoys gardening, painting, reading, and coffee.

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