Political rhetoric is at a fever pitch. Protesters are being protested. People feel compelled to critique and denigrate others. Children are bullied at younger ages. Christians are sued for living out their biblical beliefs. Is there any good left in the world?

In King David’s time, people were perplexed by the prosperity of evildoers and the poverty of the righteous. The more they followed God and his instructions, the more it seemed they fell behind and were persecuted. It seems all hope is lost.

Psalm 37 addresses this problem of evil. We are reminded that God is with us and God will deliver us. We are asked to gain an eternal perspective and rest in God’s protection and deliverance.

We are warned not to add to the distracting noise of the world. We are told to be meek. Being meek doesn’t mean we become a doormat for other people to walk on, but that we find our confidence in God. When we are confident, we do not have to participate in hurtful speech or actions.

Jesus reiterated this truth in the Sermon on the Mount (see Matt. 5:5). The Israelites’ history is filled with wandering and captivity. To have their own land would mean peace and prosperity. This will be accomplished by meekly being confident in God’s providence.

Because you can doesn’t mean that you should. Let God be your defense!

Turn down the volume of fear and turn up the volume of faith.

Ken Dill is the associate vice president for spiritual life and university chaplain at Southern Wesleyan University. He loves his family and enjoys birding and NASCAR.

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Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.