If you ask Dr. Wayne Caldwell how long he and his wife Joan have been married, he can tell you to the day — something in excess of 26,000 days and counting! One should not be surprised at another statistical observation: “God has fulfilled his promise to both of us through all of these 185 years.” Because their birthdays are just 48 days apart — hers in September and his in October — they decided to celebrate them about half way between on October 13, 2018. Without specifying what their individual ages are, they total 185!

Twenty-three members of their family, including eight great-grandchildren, gathered in a private occasion at an upscale restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana, to celebrate. Following the meal, a chocolate/white birthday cake, beautifully decorated for the event and served with ice cream, was enjoyed. The family also presented them with a lovely pictorial book of memories. In addition, they provided miniature Hershey chocolate bars, with the wrapping: “Happy Birthday to Papa and Nanny, 185 years total, WOW.”

Adding to the occasion, Dr. Caldwell dedicated their newest great-grandson, five-month-old Cohen Scott Rickey, who wore the gold baby ring that his great grandfather wore at his dedication 95 years ago.

Dr. Caldwell served as General Editor of The Wesleyan Church from 1984 to 1992. He had previously served as a pastor for 20 years in Kansas, Colorado, Missouri and Indiana, and had taught 16 — four at Miltonvale College and twelve at Marion College, now Indiana Wesleyan University.