Celebrating with all their might before the Lord. (2 Sam. 6:5)

AFTER BRINGING THE ARK of God from Abinadab’s house, David and the whole house of Israel were in a mood to celebrate. They formed what we would call today a full orchestra and choir. The house of Israel had a wonderful time as they played and sang with all their energy in a praise celebration. They played instruments that were popular during that age, and produced a concert that many of us wish had been recorded.

At one period of our lives, my wife and I had the blessed experience of being part of a large church choir that often had a full orchestra. The horns, stringed instruments, harps, and drums helped our hearts to soar and our mouths to sing sweet harmonies of love to our Lord. Every service was a new filling of the Holy Spirit that produced praise in celebrating the Lamb of God.

Our hearts often became so warm that we felt released from our bodies as the Spirit took control. During the weeks following the concerts, many privately sang the same songs and received a fresh filling. We learned that musical celebrations and the filling of the Holy Spirit can go hand in hand.

Today, allow melodies to fill your mouth and lift your heart by the Spirit’s help.

Bob Segress has served as a pastor, licensed psychologist, college educator, and prison minister. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona.