Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. (Ps. 48:1)

OFTEN, GOD’S CHILDREN experience a turbulent sea of pain as a result of failing bodies or painful memories. During times of physical or emotional stress, it is hard to celebrate. In fact, how is that possible? Today’s psalm gives the answer in clear and comforting words. The Holy Spirit tells our frail hearts three things: “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise” (Ps. 48:1); “we meditate on your unfailing love” (v. 9); and God “will be our guide even to the end” (v. 14).

As a provider for the military’s insurance program CHAMPUS, I learned about severe pain. A treatment I found that helped wounded warriors to accept reality was this: Our heavenly Father knows best; embrace what is good.

Thinking about the Lord’s lovingkindness is a heart experience. When we open our hearts in gratitude for His gifts, pain ceases to dominate our thinking, and what we have lost or done fades from our minds.

Praise is like an airplane ride that takes us through dark clouds into a clear blue sky. Said another way, different seasons in our journey toward heaven’s door bring different degrees of warmth of heart. Pain and fatigue make the sunshine of God’s love seem cool and distant, but those are only clouds standing in the way. Clouds seldom stay when a humble heart prays.

Celebrate that you are traveling through life with Jesus, and you will find peace.

Bob Segress has served as a pastor, licensed psychologist, college educator, and prison minister. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona.