We have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ (Rom. 5:1)

SOME CELEBRATIONS AND PEACE are mutually exclusive. Celebrations can be very rowdy, so rowdy that the neighbors have to call the authorities. In contrast, today’s passage tells us that when a child of God celebrates the Lamb of God, he or she is joyously celebrating the personal experience of being justified before God. That justification produces peace and safety for our hearts, minds, and souls.

We celebrate the Lamb of God in a heartfelt celebration because He saved us from God’s wrath. The righteous Judge has declared all the justified free of blame. He has absolved us of all sins, and now we can walk with peace and joy in our hearts. We are no longer condemned sinners; we are now forgiven sons and daughters.

The divine Judge, bound by His laws, could not justify anyone without satisfaction of His holiness and standards. So He sent Jesus to pay for our sins. As the Lamb of God who freely shed His blood so sinners could be justified, Jesus made it possible for God to wipe our slate clean. Saved by God’s grace through faith, we are justified before almighty God.

Our salvation experience should produce in us such spontaneous expressions as “Praise the Lord!” and “God is so good!” If we live as justified children of God, we can change the atmosphere of our workplaces, our homes, and the world.

Claim your justified standing before the Father today, and you will find confidence and peace.

Bob Segress has served as a pastor, licensed psychologist, college educator, and prison minister. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona