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Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in him because of the woman’s testimony. (John 4:39)

Expanded Passage: John 4:39–42

While driving in a construction zone or on a stretch of interstate that is fog-bound, or snow-packed and icy, somewhere a driver in front of you suddenly slams on his or her brakes. Others ahead of you react quickly and brake too. Red taillights blaze. Steering wheels are yanked right or left in a desperate attempt to avoid what seems inevitable. Multiple drivers find it impossible to avoid ramming into those in front of them. Within seconds, as semis, cars, and busses collide, the sound heard is of tires skidding, metal crunching, and glass breaking. It’s a chain reaction, which is best understood as a cascading series of events that unfold in rapid succession because of something that happened previously. However, chain reactions, such as the one described, are not always injurious and destructive. Chain reactions can have positive repercussions too.

The woman at the well’s experience with Jesus affected her so deeply that she left her water pot by the lip of the well when she went back to tell others about this man. They had to check him out for themselves. They did, one after another.

When one tells the story of their personal encounter with Jesus, it may set off a chain reaction whereby friends, neighbors, co-workers, or cousins check Jesus out for themselves. One after another, the trajectory of their lives are completely changed.

Your “Jesus story” may ignite a chain reaction that redeems many.

Ed Rotz has served The Wesleyan Church as a pastor and district superintendent. He currently works for PastorServe, Inc. and lives in Topeka, Kansas, with his wife, Sharon.

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