I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God. (John 1:34)


GAUGES TELL US A LOT. For example, a car’s temperature gauge lets us know if something is overheating or just right. Knowing the temperature outside helps us decide how many layers of clothes to put on. When we take our temperature, we use a standard measurement to assess our health. All in all, gauges are crucial in our lives.

The gospel writer John told us he had seen Jesus in the flesh, and he used several indicators of Jesus’ character. He used a faith indicator when he called Jesus the “Lamb of God.” Inherent in this indicator is what we might call a “love gauge.” He used diagnostic readings when he saw Jesus coming toward him. These related to obedience, outlook, and outreach perspectives.

If we were to run some sort of diagnostic test on how you feel about Jesus, what would it read? Would you be on fire? Cold? Lukewarm? If you had just seen Him, would your temperature rise? I’m sure my pulse or excitement level would go up. Would our level of faith and excitement spill over into a more fervent endeavor to tell everyone around us about Him? Would we testify to everyone we come in contact with that Jesus is indeed the Lord of our lives?

If you have seen Jesus at work in your life, check your dashboard. You and I probably need to be reminded to be a little more zealous and a little more focused on sharing with others the fact that Jesus is alive and able to save.

Look for opportunities this week to tell others about Jesus, the Son of God.

Jim Dunn is the Vice President of Church Relations for the Wesleyan Investment Foundation. He resides with his family in the Indianapolis area.