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You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? (James 4:4)

Expanded Passage: James 4:4

During my teenage years with long hair, I constantly searched for methods to enhance my mane. After reading a magazine article, I added an egg to increase hair growth and mayonnaise for shine. Sometime later, my brother and sister-in-law suggested I try mustard. I excitedly grabbed this condiment and headed to the shower only to be stopped by Mom. Due to hearing giggling in the other room, she asked me to research this technique to make sure it was not a joke.

In no joking manner, James said that when we increase our friendship with the world, our relationship with God decreases. The acceptance of the world drives our goals and actions. The same with our speech and stance. We fit in with the crowd and our hearts are filled with bitterness and revenge. Before we realize what has happened, the world has become our friend, and God is no longer first in our lives.

Similar to Mom’s advice to research the effects of mustard application, we need to examine our heart and relationship with God. If the evidence shows that we are closer to the world, then we are at odds with God. Listen to the Holy Spirit as he guides you in your decision and paths daily. Carefully choose your life’s condiments. Make God your best friend.

Grow your relationship with God and shine his way to others.

Denise Moore Greene was raised in The Wesleyan Church and resides in North Carolina. She enjoys time with her children and five grandchildren.

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