Esther . . . continued to follow Mordecai’s instructions. (Est. 2:20)

WHILE I WAS NEARING COMPLETION of the requirements for a doctoral degree from the University of South Africa, my promoter or supervisor called me over the phone, “Jim, I want to see you because I need to give you one last piece of important advice before you meet with the graduate committee.” As I drove to the location of our meeting, I kept thinking to myself, “I wonder what the important advice will be.”

While sipping hot tea, Dr. Van Wyk told me, “Jim, when you are questioned by the committee that decides whether you get your degree or not, be humble! At our university we don’t want those receiving degrees to be full of arrogant pride. We desire our students to know that having a doctor’s degree does not mean that you know everything and that you no longer have to listen to others. Instead, getting a degree from our university means we believe that you have acquired the skills of being a good listener. We want our graduates to have the attitude of being willing to listen and learn from others.”

Esther had a humble heart. She didn’t think to herself, “Now that I am queen, I no longer need to listen to others.” She did not give in to the temptation to be proud because of her position and power.

No matter what you have achieved, remain humble and willing to listen.

 Jim “Umf” Lo is a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University, cross-cultural leader, intercessor, and author of several books including Unholiness: Overcoming the Forces That Attack Your Soul (WPH).

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